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New Product Information
Processing equipments of diamond electroplated mounted points and CBN electroplated mounted points are greatly expanded.
Diamond/CBN Electroplated ProductsWe take orders of various diamond electroplated mounted points and CBN electroplated mounted points from small to high volume production.
From creating core parts to electroplating, we greatly enhanced our integrated system of production from raw material to finished product.
For more information, please contact us via e-mail.
NEWPrecision small diameter vitrified mounted point - QT blue vitrified mounted point
QT grain (blue) Mounted PointsWe have enabled high-speed grinding processing with high-speed spindle from our die machining technology.
It has superb sharpness and wearing durability.
For grinding of alloyed steel, tool steel, various quenched steel and dies steel.
NEWQT Diamond Vitrified Mounted Point / CBN Vitrified Mounted Point
Vitrified Diamond Mounted PointsThe vitrified mounted point with super-abrasives which enables superb sharpness and durability.
We enhanced grain concentration by newly developed ceramic bond and firing technique.
For grinding of hardened and super-hardened alloy steel, ceramic, glass and earthenware products.
Product Categories
■Grindstone Products
  • Precision Mounted Points
    〔For high-speed grinders〕
  • Mounted Points
  • For Machine Grinding
    Precision Grindstones
  • Grinder Grindstones
    〔For tabletop/double-ended edge grinders〕
  • Wheel Grindstones
    〔For inner and outer grinding〕
  • Resinoid Mounted Points
  • Cup Grindstones
    〔For Air-micro Grinder〕
  • Dental Grindstones/
    For Medical Equipments
  • Hexagonal Shaft Mounted Point
    〔For electric/air tools〕
  • Die Grindstone/
    Household items
■Diamond/CBN products
  • Diamond/CBN Electroplated Mounted Points
  • Diamond/CBN Electroplated Special Purpose Items
  • Dental Diamond Burs
    〔For dental laboratory use and dental treatment〕
  • Diamond Electroplated Discs
  • Cera Diamond
    〔For finishing〕
  • QT Diamond/CBN Grindstones
  • Diamond Ultrathin Cutting Grindstones
    〔For precision cutting machines〕
  • Resin Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheel
    〔For grinding discs〕
■Other Grinding and Polishing Products
  • TS Super-rubber Grindstones
  • Double-netted Disc Grindstones
    TS Fabric Grindstones
  • Ceramic Filters
    〔For fluid filtration/purification〕